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Interactive Signature Examples
(Click to See Full Size Demos)

Interactive Email Signature Examples

Interactive Email Signature Examples

Interactive Email Signature Examples

Interactive Email Signature Examples

Interactive Email Signature Examples


You simply select the interactive signature business card size and style that best fits your needs, then match up one of the many available link layouts.

We will create your new personalized Interactive Email Signature Business Card using your photos, graphics, logos and text (similar to what you see in the examples here), with your internet & website links built right in to connect up with wherever you want.

We'll also send you instructions on how to install and use it as your email signature, so everytime you send out an email, your business card automatically goes out with it!

Buy it ONCE and use it FOREVER - No LIMITS!


  • One Full Color Interactive Email Signature Card:
  • One active link for Direct Email Responses
  • One active link to your Website Contact Form
  • One active link to your Main Website Home Page
  • Up to 4 active links to individual Web Landing Pages
  • Your choice of 3 sizes: 400x200, 300x150, 200x100
  • Your choice of layout: (PLENTY to choose from)
  • Image Hosting on
  • Easy to follow instructions in PDF format


  • Custom Logo Design
  • Additional Custom Sizes, LARGE & small
  • More Links and More Layouts
  • Foreign Language Translation
  • Animated Graphics, Pop Ups, & More Functions
  • and many other interactive features...

(Some options available in Semi & Full Custom packages only)

Multiple Options for Linking Patterns
(over 50 to choose from)







     Honestly, I don't know how modern business people can get along without several Interactive Email Signature Cards.   What if your competition ALREADY has theirs???

Don't get STUCK in an "Old School" rut!

BREAK OUT with a New Interactive Business Card TODAY!

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Any Email Client capable of sending HTML signatures and inline graphics, such as MS-Outlook, Eudora, G-Mail, Yahoo Mail, HotMail, etc.
  • Adobe Reader (for reading PDF installation instructions delivered FREE with your order)
You Provide (with your order):
  • Your Contact Information and Website URL
  • Your Headshot Photo and Logo Graphics
  • Your Interactive Signature Size and Style Selection
  • Any Special Instructions You Might Have For Us
  • Payment via PayPal™ (VERY secure)
We will Fulfill your Order:
  • Follow any Special Instructions you give
  • Check out your Website thoroughly
  • Determine a Color Scheme to Match
  • Find the Links to your Main Pages
  • Construct and Deliver your Signature via Email
  • Installation instructions are included for MS-Outlook 2003 & 2007 FREE of charge
  • Webmail Client installation instructions are readily available online. Links are included with your order.
(OR another E-MAIL!)


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